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AltoTech Global

AIoT platform called “Alto CERO” to help hotels, buildings, and factories to effectively consume energy and cut carbon emission with IoT and AI algorithms.



    Altotech Global Co., Ltd (Headquarter) 719 Mint Tower Building , 4th Floor 4, Room 416 , Rama VI Road, Wangmai Subdistrict,Pathumwan District, Bangkok 10330

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    Jan 01 2022


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    AltoTech Global Co., Limited

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    There are over 32,000 Hotels (>1.6 million guest rooms in Thailand) combining with hospitality sector generated over 3 million million baht annually (ranking 4th for global tourism). This makes hotels to consume over 12% of Thailand's electricity consumption costing over 50,000 million baht annually. Based on our research, we found that managing energy efficiency for hotels is tough to achieve good results as hotels cannot hire experts to look over different hardware, software, systems, and data storage. Digging deeper, we started to pull data from different sources from hotel such as AMR meter, Property Management System, and Staff Report, we found that with efficient energy management by analysing hotel's data and automatically control IoT devices to help optimise energy usage, 20-30% of wasted energy consumption in hotels can be achieved. This is why we start to develop our energy efficiency solution that help cut electricity bills, reduce CO2 emission, and other environmental impacts using IoT and AI technology. Last but not least, even though we started with hotel industry but we would not stop here our applications can also be scaled out and used by different types of buildings e.g. retails, schools, hospitals, offices etc.

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    AltoTech has developed the AIOT platform so called “Alto Energy Edge” to help hotels, buildings, and properties save money on electricity bill with IoT and AI algorithms. We fully utilize all related data such as AMI meter, Property Management Systems, indoor/outdoor weather condition, occupancy, building operational data and security cameras for energy management and optimization. One of the currently developing AI algorithms is the "Self-Driving" features that automatically control air conditioning systems (e.g. VRF system or Chiller Plant) to help buildings to save money on their electricity bills, be more energy efficient, and better use of the available solar energy locally generated at the building and be able to achieve their net-zero goals.


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