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Doppio Tech

Doppio Tech is a Software Testing service company, we provide both Manual testing, Automation testing and Performance testing service. Our services are quite unique as our co-founders and leadership background are from QA and tech expertise not just people resourcing. We are very flexible on our engagement and commercial model to really bring business value to our customer.  We also provide lot of technical tool and framework to make your software testing easier eg. Mobile device farm, Dynamic mock test environment, Dynamic performance test framework and many more.



    304, 308 5th Floor, 5B Room, L Building, Phayathai Road, Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

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    Dec 12 2019


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    Doppio Tech Co., Ltd.

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    Software Testing is a big part of IT projects, it's normally consume 30%-50% of project timeline and budget. Manual testing consume lot of resource and time, especially when deal with lot of bug fixing and retesting round it could make project delay from its timeline and budget. At many scenarios prject team need to choose the option of taking risk on quality at the end of the project due to run out of time and resource to execute all required test.

    Business Model (Solution)

    Doppio Tech utilize our expertise to transform way of testing to solve customer problems by 1. We use Software Testing Techniques to design proper test cases (minimize number of test cases while maximize test coverage) thus reduce unnecessary waste on both test case design and test execution resource and time. 2. Apply test automation to help on test execution effort and time reduction. Test automation can also scale the concurrent run of the test with number of machines and devices which is much cheaper than human cost. Then we can achieve both speed (concurrent run of test automation), effort utilization (test only necessary from our expertise and mix with test automation adoption) and also very cost effective after transformation to automation done.

    Current Customer

    40+ customers from various segments - Bank, Retail, Software House, Insurance, Delivery platform - with varities of scale from start up to big coperates. Example of key customers are CP group (Lotus, Makro, Ascend commerce), SCG, Bank of Ayudhya, SCB, etc.


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20+ Years in Software Testing (QA) industry. Experience in test automation transformation



12 Years in Software Testing (QA), 3 years as a QA manager at Agoda