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Eyequila by THEBANDM Co., Ltd.

Eyequila is a cutting-edge digital health platform designed to address the growing issue of digital eye strain among office workers and digital device users. In today’s technology-driven world, prolonged screen time has become inevitable, leading to widespread eye discomfort and vision problems. Eyequila offers a comprehensive solution by integrating scientifically-backed eye health exercises with advanced diagnostic tools in an engaging and user-friendly application.

Our Mission: To enhance eye health and prevent vision problems by providing an accessible, effective, and enjoyable platform for users to maintain their visual wellness.

Key Features:
- Eye Health Check-ups: Our platform includes sophisticated eye detection technology that provides accurate, real-time eye health assessments. Users can easily track their eye health and receive personalized feedback.
- Interactive Eye Exercises: Eyequila incorporates gamified eye exercises that are designed to be both fun and beneficial. These exercises help reduce eye strain, improve focus, and promote overall eye health.
- User-Friendly Interface: The application is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate eye health routines into their daily lives.
- Tailored Recommendations: Based on user data and diagnostics, Eyequila offers personalized recommendations to help users take proactive steps in maintaining their eye health.
- Community and Support: Eyequila fosters a supportive community where users can share their experiences, access expert advice, and stay motivated on their journey to better eye health.

Target Audience: Eyequila is primarily designed for office workers aged 30-45 in Thailand, who are highly prone to digital eye strain due to extended screen time. However, the platform is beneficial for anyone who uses digital devices extensively and is concerned about maintaining their eye health.

Why Eyequila?
Incorporating the latest advancements in eye care technology, Eyequila stands out as a unique blend of healthcare and entertainment. By turning essential eye exercises into engaging activities, we ensure that maintaining eye health is not just a routine, but a rewarding experience. Our collaboration with eye care professionals and focus on user experience make Eyequila a trusted and effective tool in the fight against digital eye strain.

Join us on a journey to better eye health with Eyequila, where innovation meets wellness.



    99/298 Nonsi Road, Chong Nonsi Subdistrict, Yanawa District, Bangkok 10120

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    THEBANDM Co., Ltd.

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    In today’s digital age, prolonged screen time is leading to widespread digital eye strain among office workers, causing discomfort, reduced productivity, and long-term vision problems. Eyequila addresses this critical need by offering a comprehensive, engaging solution that promotes eye health and prevents vision issues through advanced diagnostics and interactive exercises.

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    Eyequila effectively combats digital eye strain by providing an innovative platform that combines advanced eye health diagnostics with engaging, gamified exercises. Our user-friendly app offers personalized eye care routines and real-time feedback, ensuring users can easily integrate preventive eye health practices into their daily lives, improving their overall visual wellness and productivity.

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    Our primary target segment is office workers aged 30-45 in Thailand, who experience high levels of digital eye strain due to prolonged screen time.


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A driven lifelong learner with expertise in project management and business development.


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Lead Developer at Eyequila. Specializing in the intersection of technology.


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Growing up in a business-focused family, I have a deep passion for business and marketing.


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Responsible for overseeing the accounting and financial analysis at Eyequila.


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Passionate and creative designer specializing in graphic and content design.