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Fling AI

We mobilize drone technology, along with Artificial Intelligence, to enhance the efficiency of business processes.



    KX Knowledge Xchange Building Bangkok, Thailand, 10600

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    Jan 01 2018


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    In the realm of stock management, conventional methods of inventory checking prove to be inefficient and fraught with numerous challenges. The existing system is plagued by time-consuming procedures, posing significant opportunity costs for businesses. Moreover, the prevalence of human error in manual stock checks not only undermines accuracy but also exposes enterprises to the risk of theft and operational disruptions. Additionally, reliance on personnel for stock monitoring heightens concerns related to personnel risks and turnover rates, further exacerbating the vulnerability of the system. Furthermore, the lack of assurance in the current approach contributes to uncertainties in stock levels and operational planning. Moreover, the reliance on paper-based documentation not only contributes to environmental waste but also hampers the agility and sustainability of stock management processes. Thus, there is an urgent need for a transformative solution that addresses these multifaceted challenges and propels stock checking into the digital age. Fling AI, Drone Stock Checking System, emerges as a potential solution to revolutionize stock management by leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline processes, enhance accuracy, mitigate risks, and optimize resource utilization.

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    Fling.AI introduces a cutting-edge solution to revolutionize stock management processes with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Leveraging their state-of-the-art data platform and software, Fling.AI's core offering centers around conducting comprehensive wall-to-wall and cycle-count stock check reports. Autonomous drones, guided by proprietary software and Aruco tags on racks, navigate warehouse spaces, capturing highly detailed location data with precision. Enhanced by generative AI capabilities, these drones seamlessly integrate traditional labels or QR codes on pallets into the stock check process, ensuring completeness and accuracy. The captured data undergoes rigorous processing, generating a comprehensive report that meticulously compares actual inventory data collected by the drones with the warehouse management system data. This report provides clients with a holistic visualization of stock quantities and locations, including vital details such as pallet IDs, expiry dates, SKUs, and even rack reconstruction maps, all tailored to meet specific client requirements. Fling.AI's seamless integration with clients' Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) streamlines the stock-checking process, facilitating the swift presentation of requested data in a visually intuitive report. By harnessing advanced technology and automation, Fling.AI empowers businesses to overcome the challenges inherent in conventional stock management methods, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence and efficiency.

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    CEVA, DHL, Chevron, EGAT, Mars, Harley-Davidson, True, Linfox


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    54.31 K


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    4 Sep 2018

    54.31 K


CEO and Founder

Michael leads Fling, an AI data platform for warehouses and utilities.