Horganice, a Thai digital startup offering a platform for managing rental.The app facilitates in management of inventory, notification of rent due and transaction details of the same, track employee payment, expenses and revenues. The app offers a room layout for owners to visualize the inventory, revenue.It also offers reporting of operations , financials and significantly improves the lives of tenants residing on the property 



    408/43 Phahonyothin Place Floor, 10 , Phahonyothin Road , Samsen Nai Subdistrict , Phaya Thai District , Bangkok Thailand 10400

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    May 25 2016


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    Horganice Co.,Ltd

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    Managing rental properties, especially in urban areas, involves numerous challenges ranging from tenant management and maintenance requests to financial tracking and communication. Traditional methods often involve manual processes and paperwork, which can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and inefficient. With the growing number of tenants and increasing expectations for quick and effective management, there is a pressing need for a modern, streamlined solution. 1. Tenant Management: * Manual Record-Keeping: Traditional methods of managing tenant information using physical records or basic spreadsheets can lead to data inaccuracies, loss of information, and difficulty in accessing and updating records. * Check-In and Check-Out Processes: These processes are often cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to delays and tenant dissatisfaction. 2. Maintenance Requests: * Inefficient Handling: Maintenance requests are often reported verbally or through paper forms, leading to delays in response times and unresolved issues. * Tracking and Resolution: Lack of a systematic way to track and monitor maintenance requests results in poor accountability and follow-up. 3. Financial Management: * Rent Collection: Manual rent collection and tracking can lead to errors, missed payments, and financial discrepancies. * Expense Management: Difficulty in managing and recording expenses accurately can result in budget overruns and financial mismanagement. 4.Communication: * Ineffective Communication Channels: Traditional communication methods, such as bulletin boards or word of mouth, are inefficient and can result in miscommunication or missed messages. * Emergency Alerts: Lack of a quick and reliable system to notify tenants in case of emergencies. 5. Security and Access Control: * Unauthorized Access: Managing physical keys can lead to security risks such as unauthorized access. * Visitor Management: Tracking and managing visitors manually can be inefficient and pose security risks.

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    Horganice offers a comprehensive property management system tailored to address these challenges in rental properties management. Our platform includes features such as automated tenant management, online maintenance request submission, integrated financial tracking, and a centralized communication hub. Additionally, our platform supports digital access control systems to enhance security and streamline visitor management. By adopting Horganice, properties managers can significantly improve operational efficiency, enhance tenant satisfaction, and ensure accurate financial and maintenance management. Our solution aims to transform traditional properties management into a seamless, digital experience, meeting the demands of modern property management.

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    Horganice help rental properties more than 20,000 building over 1,200,000 room in every province in Thailand.And process rental fee more than 400 Billion USD per years


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