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KAONA CHAROENRUNGRUANG LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Driving innovation in product and service discovery with AI Machine Learning KAONA CHAROENRUNGRUANG was founded with the vision of revolutionizing the product and service discovery experience with cutting-edge AI technology. Our Whisper AI-POWERED SHOPPING CONCIERGE platform: Empowers consumers to find a wide variety of products and services quickly, accurately, and tailored to their needs. Meets the needs of businesses that want to: Increase sales Reduce costs Increase user engagement Create a superior shopping experience Whisper's strengths: AI Machine Learning technology: Learns about consumers' behavior, preferences, and lifestyle to analyze and recommend products and services. Variety of features: Whisper mode: 10 cartoon characters that select products based on their personality. Mix & Match: Matches a variety of products and services to you. Room: An online dressing room that creates a realistic avatar that can change clothes all day long. Superior performance: Fast, accurate, and relevant search results. Whisper is different from other technologies: It uses AI Machine Learning technology to discover and recommend products and services based on the user's lifestyle and preferences. Traditional technologies search based on the data you enter. Our team has over 10 years of experience and is ready to provide service and consultation. Contact us: Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088885907306&locale=th_TH Email: [email protected] Phone: +66 95 978 8651



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    About Us We are KAONA CHAROENRUNGRUANG, a company that offers an AI-powered platform for product and service selection. Our platform utilizes AI machine learning technology to help consumers find the right products and services quickly, accurately, and easily. |Target Audience Our target audience is companies with a wide range of products and services, such as e-commerce companies, hotel booking websites, and online ticket booking services. |Customer Needs In the era of AI, businesses need technology to compete, increase sales, reduce costs, and increase profits. However, they currently face many limitations, such as: |Existing search technologies are not up to par. It takes too long to find products. It is difficult to find products that match the customer's needs. |Problem Today, there are a huge number of products and services available on the internet, and this number is increasing every day. According to a report by Statista, the number of products and services available online is increasing every year. On average, consumers around the world spend 2 hours searching for each product. However, we are still using the same old search technology that does not meet the needs of consumers and businesses. As a result, both consumers and businesses are suffering losses. |Example Recently, there was a famous news story in Thailand about a celebrity who bought rat poison from an e-commerce website. However, when she received the product, she found out that it was an illegal drug that she was not allowed to possess. As a result, she and the e-commerce website were prosecuted. This shows that current technology is not up to par in the current era.

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    |Solution Whisper AI-POWERED SHOPPING CONCIERGE An AI machine learning platform that helps select products and services. Find products and services based on user behavior and recommend products that are "fast, accurate, and to the customer's liking." Offers a variety of features, such as: -Whisper mode: Select products based on your character. -Mix&Match: Match products to give you a variety of options. -Room: Change clothes from your own avatar all day long. Why AI Whisper? |Benefits of the platform: Stay ahead of the competition with new AI technology. Increase sales, reduce costs. Enhance the customer experience with a new shopping trend. |Market Size The global AI market was valued at $77.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $367.8 billion by 2027. |Strengths AI Whisper's strength lies in its use of AI machine learning to learn human behavior and preferences. This gives it the potential to succeed in this market. |Differentiation Whisper is superior to existing technologies and offers a variety of features that meet the needs of both consumers and businesses. |Value to receive Increased sales of 20% within 6 months: From the fast search of AI Whisper. Sell products 50% faster: From the customer's quick decision to buy. Increase new users by 20%: From the excellent experience of AI Whisper. Reduce costs by 20%: From unnecessary advertising and shipping costs. Stay ahead of your competitors in technology: From AI Whisper, the new shopping trend technology. |Strategy Connect the plugin system to e-commerce and hotel booking websites to expand the market to Asia and the world. Create awareness through various event platforms. Create engaging online advertising with AI Whisper, the new shopping trend. Business Plan -2024: Connect the plugin system in Thailand and Asia. -2025: Connect the plugin system throughout ASEAN and officially launch the platform. -2025: Expand to the global market in all systems.


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    4 Aug 2023

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